Re: the Latin prefix with the meaning ‘again’ to indicate repetition, or with the meaning ‘back’ to indicate backward motion.

We are back! After a lengthy hiatus from writing, Daryl and I have returned to the blogosphere. It’s only fitting that we begin writing again on vacation in Sedona, Arizona – one of my most favorite places to return to.

The next question is – where have you been for the past 8 months?  I wish that I could respond with an elaborate and impressive explanation like “we were inventing this amazing thing that you can’t live without!”, or “we were doing volunteer work in an impoverished country where we had no electricity and we were too busy helping local people.”

But those would be lies.

Yes, we were working and living our regular everyday lives, and we kept talking about writing a new post but then an episode of Elementary would start and I would say “but Johnny Lee Miller is so witty and well-dressed and I just really need to see what this episode is about.”  So then a couple more months passed.

And then we returned to Europe after a 10 year hiatus (traipsing around Rome on Spring Break with high school students in tow does NOT count as a vacation), and we really really should have written while we were there. After all, we went to a beer spa in Czech Republic, and danced around at medieval celebrations in Slovakia – events that were well worth a post, but we complained that the internet was too slow.

Two more months passed.

And our last big excuse was that we decided to get married. Yah!  It was amazing – a brief fervour of excitement and planning where all of my allotted internet time was devoted to Pinterest and Wedding blogs.  If there’s anything that’s going to kill your creative energy it’s the pressure associated with reading Wedding blogs.  Fucking overwhelming.  I never knew that I was into crafting, but the pressure that comes with planning a wedding just gets to you.  Your brain starts tricking you by saying “of course I need wild flower bouquets arranged whimsically in mason jars along the aisle. It’s obviously a wedding necessity.”

Our wedding did get off without a hitch though, and I have to say the following morning was one of the most liberating moments of my life because I knew that I would never have to look at Pinterest or a wedding blog ever again.  Oh, I was happy that we got married, but really, I was more grateful about being able to say goodbye to Martha Stewart.  Show me a picture of a crepe paper origami garland and I will start to have a panic attack.

And now here we are.. December 26th, and finally returning to the keyboard again.  The sun is setting on the GORGEOUS Red Rocks I can see from the picture windows of our hotel room, and I am at peace.  Daryl is laying on a lounge chair on our private deck wearing a fancy robe… absolutely decadent.  I look over and notice that he is not looking at the scenery but rather is playing Candy Crush on his phone and this reminds me that traveling as a married couple is about romance 100% of the time.

We promise to be more disciplined this time.  Because writing is cathartic, and necessary.  A life without a creative outlet just isn’t a life I”m interested in living.

Already thinking about the next post.