What the Tejo?

A hike throught the Cocora Valley was one of the activities that we were most looking forward to during our trip to Colombia.  We were not disappointed.  It was awesome.  Amazing rolling hills and so many beautiful Quindío wax palm trees, which, by the way, are the national trees and symbols of Colombia.  It is a place that you do not want to miss during a trip to Colombia.

So it was pure magic when we stumbled across a Tejo bar while staying in Salento.  Tejo is a traditional sport in Colombia, particularly in mountain towns like Salento.  Basically you use an iron puck and launch it about 20 feet across a big room into a box of clay.  Inside the clay is an iron ring where you put folded pouches that are filled with gunpowder.  You get the gist, you want to create an explosion.  And another thing is that you must play the game while drinking a beer.  It’s wonderful.

Salento itself is a great town to relax and hang out in for a while.  Done up Jeeps taxi you all over the area, from the Cocora Valley to the many cool hostels that are on the outskirts of town.  There is plenty of hiking, biking and coffee plantation tours to keep you entertained for days.  Just make sure that you spend a night at Los Amigos Tejo Bar!


And the Journey Begins!

First post.  This is a bit nerve-wracking.

Where to begin…well, the idea for this blog came to us on a beach in Ucluelet, on the west coast of Vancouver Island.  How original right?  Two thirty-somethings writing gratuitous posts about how they galavant around the world while other people are stuck at work.  While it may seem at times that we work in order to travel, we are here to prove that your dreams of adventure don’t have to die with a 9 to 5 job. 

This blog is designed to remind us that our careers and travel can co-exist — that backpacking isn’t just for gap year students.. for young people.. or for hippies.  Times have changed a bit for both of us.  Daryl now showers on a regular basis on his trips, and I am have been known to stuff more than one pair of high heels in my pack…. A 16-person dorm room now sounds like a terrible kind of hell to both us, and we will splurge on a taxi to get us to the train station rather than walk 3 miles in the blazing sun to save 10 dollars.  However, we are proof that your vacations can be filled with adventure, surprises, and wide-open itineraries at any age, and time of your life.

We know that there are thousands of travel blogs out there in the world wide webs, and many that are much wittier and more articulate than ours.   But… we have amassed some pretty amazing stories over the years, and this is a chance for us to write about some of the funny, frustrating, mind-blowing and meaningful moments we’ve experienced.  It’s also a chance for us to share some travel tips for those that might be embarking on their own adventures.  

We are super excited to post stories from trips in the future, and those from the past.  We live in the Pacific Northwest… so we will be writing about some of the things to do around Vancouver as well.  Feel free to comment and share your own stories.. we’re always looking for travel tips from others, or updated news and events from some of the places that we visited long ago.